We Want Crime out of Our Town

I think if I would have gotten my ADT home security system because it was just something I wanted, I would have felt a lot better about it. As it was though, I did not get it just for that reason. The main reason I did have an ADT tech come out and install a new security system for me was because there has a been a string of home invasions in the surrounding towns. While no one has been a victim in my town, I knew that it could be just a matter of time before it did spread to us too.

We had a town hall meeting after the third home invasion in as many weeks. There were probably 30 or so of us there, and we all wanted to get tips from the police department on what we could do to better protect ourselves. The top thing they told us was to have a security system installed. They explained that criminals want an easy mark, and a house with security system signs in the yard is not a quick or even safe job for them. Any person who wants to break in a house is going to choose those homes without a security system.

That made sense to all of us, and it gave us something to think about. I went home from that meeting and got on my computer to look at ADT. I was impressed with the equipment that they use, with their monitoring service, and with their prices. There are plans that can fit just about any household budget, and it was a very easy decision for me. Ordering the service was easy, and the installation was prompt and went without a hitch. I hope crime does not touch anyone here, and I am feeling good that I have done my part along with my neighbors to keep our area crime free.