I Just Went to Las Vegas Again

I was not really all that surprised when I got the call. One of my clients’ sons wanted to talk to me about his brother. I am the executor of his grandfather’s will, which involved seventeen heirs and a vast fortune. The original fortune always remains intact, but I disburse the profits to the heirs. This one wanted to see if I could cut off his brother. He told me a story about how he had been partying with two brunette escorts in Las Vegas. I knew all about his brother’s bad habits, paying for sex really is not anywhere near the top of that list. At any rate his brother and both of the girls had ended up in a hospital after he crashed his BMW on the Vegas Strip. The police found drugs in the car, but not so much that a small army of lawyers could not get you out even when you have a long rap sheet.

Of course there is a limit to what I can do. There is a will and my job is to execute the will, even if the money ends up killing the heir I still have to give it to him. The family is trying to get him into rehab, but they know very well that people only benefit from that if they really want to do it. No matter how hard everyone else tries, you just can not make someone else quit something unless they really want to quit. At any rate I went up there to talk to him with his brother. I stood there and his brother lied to him about me cutting him off, claimed that they had figured out a way to get a judge to do it. I did not say a word about it.