Spending the Day in New York City

Museums, Broadway shows, shopping, and fine dining are just a few things people can do in New York City. There are so many things to do and Places to Visit in NYC that one day or even a weekend is not enough time to do and see it all. If there is something specific people want to do in the city, it is worth it to look for a scheduled group trip and plan on that. Broadway shows are an excellent example. Getting a single ticket, getting into to the city, and paying for parking will cost a small fortune.

A bus trip to see Wicked or Phantom of the Opera will be less expensive and much less stress and hassle. The group rate means a discounted ticket. The bus will drop people off right at the theater so there is no parking fee, and people will get back on the bus to go home. There is no traffic to navigate, no need for directions, and no worries about a parking space. People can arrive, enjoy the show, and sleep on the way home.

Free Activities

Many places to visit are free of cost. Parks, Grant’s Tomb, some museums, and shopping centers will not cost any money to enter. Rockerfeller Center is one example. There is shopping, an observation deck, sights, and the taping center for NBC. People can spend the entire day in Central park and not have time to enjoy it all. Street performers are found everywhere. Jugglers, mimes, artists, and musicians can be seen and heard throughout the city.


There are several iconic buildings in the city that must be seen to be appreciated. The Empire State building, New York public library, Grand Central Station, the United Nations Headquarters, and the Chrysler building are just a few examples. People may not be able to enter all of them for security reasons, but they are all a sight to see. Buildings that are open to the public have amazing views that are simply breath-taking.

Plan Another Visit

Most people who spend one day in New York leave with activities in mind for another trip. Buses leave regularly from most New England states, so trips are not difficult to arrange. Visit for a day, pick up some brochures, go online, and plan another trip soon.