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While makeup and a perfect wardrobe can act as complements to a woman’s unique personal style, there’s no replacing natural beauty. Women who feel self-confident and know they look great will be much more likely to maintain healthy lifestyles. Check out this great Wow Style article or read on to find a few tips on how to maintain that natural beauty and grace well into middle-age.

Eat Healthy Foods

Great skin starts in the stomach. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet that has plenty of fruits and vegetables and limited sugars and carbohydrates is the best way for readers to keep their skin looking fantastic and their bodies feeling young for as long as possible.

Get Exercise

It’s important for women to stay active throughout their lives, but not everyone gets started young. Keep in mind that it’s never too late to get into a healthy exercise routine that will remove excess fat, firm up muscles, and increase self-confidence. It’s a great way to improve both your physical appearance and health.

Develop a Skincare Routine

Proper skin care can go a long way toward maintaining natural beauty. Make a point of exfoliating gently, cleansing, and moisturizing every day with age-appropriate products. It’s also a good idea to remove makeup every night before bed to avoid breakouts.

Take Age-Appropriate Health Supplements

Health supplements like over-the-counter vitamins are designed to provide consumers with essential nutrients. This, in turn, helps their hair to shine and their skin to stay soft and beautiful. Some supplements, such as collagen drinks, are even designed specifically to help slow the visible signs of aging.

Don’t Be Afraid to Enlist Professional Help

There’s nothing wrong with enlisting the help of a cosmetic dermatologist or even a plastic surgeon when developing a strategy for maintaining or regaining that youthful glow. Procedures like blepharoplasty are minimally-invasive and can make a huge difference in both appearance and self-confidence, making it easier to stay on top of sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Dress to Impress

Looking younger isn’t just a matter of developing solid skincare routines and dietary habits. The right clothes can also make a huge difference, so readers should make a point of choosing outfits that accentuate their best natural features. Try clothes on first to be sure they fit correctly and complement your complexion to make a stellar first impression.