Getting to Know He Only Wants Sex

Dating today is challenging enough without having to wonder if a guy only wants someone for sex. The fact is, there are several signs he only wants sex and knowing what these are can help a person know whether a guy should be considered “relationship material.” Don’t worry, not all guys qualify as this, but it’s good to know the signs before someone becomes more attached to the person.

He’s Got a lot of Girl “Friends”

One of the first, and most obvious signs, that a guy is only interested in sex is if he has a large number of girls who are just friends. A guy who is interested in a real relationship is going to be willing to, at the very least, reduce the number of women they hang around. If they aren’t it is one of the first and the most obvious signs that he isn’t into anything more than sex.

He Only Calls at Night

Another indication that a person may not be interested in anything more than sex is if they only time they call someone is when it is dark out. Another sign along these lines is if the guy only calls someone after they have been out drinking or if they are bored at home. This is a clear indication the guy doesn’t want to hang out with the other person, but that they only view them as someone to call for a “quickie.”

Communication Is Via Text Only

If a guy only communicates with a girl via text, it is another clear indication they aren’t interested in a true relationship, but rather, just sex. If this is the case, a person should not get attached. This is most likely not going to turn into anything too serious.

When it comes to knowing if a guy just wants sex, there are a few signs that this may be the case. Being informed and knowing what to look for is the best way to ensure that someone doesn’t become too attached to a guy who is not interested in anything that is too serious.