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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

In comparison to other industries, the health industry has been slow in integrating an electronic system for their medical records even though it has several benefits. Shifting from paper-based to electronic system has been slow since it also requires medical staff to transform to a new way they are not used which is bound to take time. The objective of incorporating electronic medical system software enhances the quality of service provided by a medical facility, something that it achieves for both patients and physicians. There are several reasons to incorporate electronic medical records, view here! in this website to find out.

A facility using a paper-based storage system has to store patients’ files for a long time which leads to them racking up and consuming a lot of valuable space because of the cabinets they are stored in. Immediately a health facility shifts to electronic medical record software, they end up with a lot of extra and valuable space for their use. Human is to error and this can happen at the expense of a patient’s file being misplaced or misfiled which becomes a big inconvenience. Office operations become effective and efficient since patients’ file are electronically available to all the relevant parties in the medical facility.

There is the challenge of reading whatever has been written by a doctor on a patient’s file in most cases. Working with electronic medical record system software eliminates the legibility issues because most of the notes are no more handwritten but typed. Electronic medical record software such as RevenueXL reduces the need for transcriptional staff. Many people have become accustomed to technology and it does make a lot of jobs easier and new doctors are looking to work for a medical facility with the latest technology that will allow them to grow.

With the electronic medical record software such as RevenueXL, lab results are returned automatically and directed to the specific doctor. It reduces errors that might arise when using the paper-based system which might be very costly for a medical facility. Going for a test every time as it is with a paper-based system can be expensive, hence the use of electronic software that allows for the data to electronically transferred.

The paper-based system limits treatment to the medical facility where a patient’s file is physically available, a disadvantage the electronic software eliminates. With electronic software, patient’ data can be backed up weekly or monthly thus ensure they are retrieved even if the computers are damaged through accidents or disasters like floods. Most of the discussed factors are benefits that a medical facility will enjoy if they use electronic medical record.

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