Common Coatings Used For The Fasteners

Fasteners are hardware devices that are mainly used for the purpose of joining two or more objects together. No doubt, they are manufactured with different types of material like stainless steel, aluminum, silicon bronze, brass, titanium, etc. The choice of material further gets categorized into their different grades to meet the specific requirement of a particular environment and installation structure. Also, they get coated for adding an extra layer of protection on them, which keeps them corrosion resistant and increase their overall lifespan. The choice of material of the fastener and coating on them is important because every material has its own properties that might or might not be matched with your installation environment and fails the overall connection. Scroll down to know about the common coating used for the same purpose and how do they benefit you.

Zinc Plating: One of the most common coatings used for the fastener is zinc. Most of the fasteners are electroplated with zinc material because of its properties. Zinc plated options are ideal to fight against the corrosion and better than any other option. Also, they have the shiny or golden appearance, which makes them look different and easy to identify in wide options.

Hot Dip Galvanized: Another common coating is hot dip galvanized, which actually puts an extra and a thick layer of coating, which gives them protection from any damage. They are only used with galvanized dip nuts because of the thickness of coating hot dip galvanized. Such nuts are larger in size, so, bolts with such coating can easily get into them. These are most probably used in outdoor applications and mainly in the coastal environment.

Chrome: Last but not the least in the list is chrome. Yes, chrome coating on fasteners are mainly used for making them look attractive. They are perfect to add an extra appearance to your object. Like zinc plating, this plating may also prevent them from coming in contact with corrosion, which ensures their long life.

These common coatings are used for the fasteners and selection among them depends on a number of factors such as installation environment, type of material with, which is going to affix, etc. You have to be very careful while making any decision whether it is the type of fastener you need or which material or coating you need, as your one wrong decision may affect the application and leave you only in the situation of loss.